I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, and if you are reading this, you probably are too!

I first discovered Seth through his blog. It’s the only blog I’ve consistently read for over 10 years. The books he has written are amazing, and just like his blog, are thought-provoking and inspirational.

I remember being on Amazon back in 2009 and not knowing what book to buy. I remembered Seth had recently put together a recommended reading list on his blog. I found it, and I bought every book on his list. All of the books were outstanding.

Ever since then, I have avidly followed any of his book recommendations. He’s recommended so much that over the years, posts have been lost, posts have been deleted, interviews forgotten. His blog is hard to search, and some book lists were on his now defunct Squidoo website.

I wanted to create something longer lasting. So, I scoured the web, scoured the Web Archive and pulled them all together in to one place – This Is Broken – my small little tribute to Seth.

I can honestly say Seth’s blog, his books and his recommendations have changed my career, my life, and every business I’ve run. There are so many hidden gems in this directory, that I hope you find the change you need within them.

Why is this site called This is Broken? Seth gave a talk in 2006 called This is Broken, you should go and watch it, as everything looks different afterwards.

Is this site affiliated with Seth Godin? No. Not at all. I’m just a big fan.

Is this a complete list of referenced books? Pretty much. Maybe I missed some, but if you spot one, let me know, as I’m as eager to list them all as you are. I’ll also update this site as more books are recommended by Seth.

Does the site use affiliate links? I added affiliate links to all Amazon links. Any money made from this endeavour will be donated to The Acumen Fund, which seems to be Seth’s most preferred charity. The Acumen Fund invests in entrepreneurs who build scalable, sustainable businesses at the bottom of the pyramid in the developing world.

Is this legal? I’m not a lawyer but I’m assuming the use of copyrighted material (Seth’s quotes) are permitted under the doctrine of fair use. All sources of quotes are listed alongside the quote. Quotes are taken from websites alive and dead.

Other legal stuff: The website design was heavily inspired by Strongly Typed. Seth’s head image used from Flickr. Thank you.

Does Seth know about this site? Yes, he does, and has said hello to me. I’ve heard through the grapevine he recommends this site as a reading list to students on altMBA and the Marketing Seminar. He put the site in his newsletter once (lifetime achievement unlocked!). Oh and this is what happens to your website when Seth puts a link to you in his blog…

A link in Seth's email

How can I get in touch with you? Shoot a message to @thetwopct on Twitter.