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Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

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Author: Derek Sivers
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ISBN: 0241209048
ASIN: 0241209048
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Category: Entrepreneurship
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In 2015, Seth recommended "Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers and said...

Anything You Want is a business book like no other. Derek Sivers built a business a different way, a human way. He did it with no investment and a series of apparently crazy principles. And they work. They worked for him and they might work for you. A brilliant book.

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Seth also recommended the book again in 2016 and said:

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4.1 rating based on 20,852 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0241209048
ISBN-13: 9780241209042
Goodreads: 27436585

Author(s):Publisher: Penguin
Published: 9/24/2015

'I love this book! If you want a true manifesto, a guidebook with clear signposts, and a fun ride you'll return to again and again, you have it here in this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did' Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek

The iconic manifesto on lessons learned while becoming an entrepreneur


You don't need a visionary master plan, loads of funding or a brilliant team to start a business.

When Derek Sivers started CD Baby, he wasn't planning on building a major business. He was a successful independent musician who just wanted to sell his CDs online. He started in 1998 by helping his friends sell their CDs too. In 2000, he hired his first employee. Eight years later, he sold CD Baby for $22 million.

Sivers didn't need a business plan and neither do you. You don't need to think big; in fact, it's better if you don't. Anything You Want will inspire you to start with what you have, care about your customers more than yourself, and run your business like you don't need the money.


'Some of the best hours you'll ever spend will be reading Derek Sivers's new book...Anything You Want' Forbes

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