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Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky

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Author: Joel Spolsky
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ISBN: 1590593898
ASIN: 1590593898
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Category: Leadership
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In 2012, Seth recommended "Joel on Software" by Joel Spolsky and said...

Joel is the best writer on managing brilliant people that I know of. Hands down.

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ISBN-10: 1590593898
ISBN-13: 9781590593899
Goodreads: 41786

Author(s):Publisher: Apress
Published: 10/28/2004

Someone once said that the task of a writer is to "make the familiar new and the new familiar". For years, Joel Spolsky has done exactly this at www.joelonsoftware.com. Now, for the first time, you can own a collection of the most important essays from his site in one book, with exclusive commentary and new insights from joel.

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