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Make the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland

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Author: Bill Strickland
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ISBN: 0385520557
ASIN: 0385520557
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Category: Purpose
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In 2014, Seth recommended "Make the Impossible Possible" by Bill Strickland and said...

Bill Strickland's autobiography is a meditation on doing work that matters.

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ISBN-10: 0385520557
ISBN-13: 9780385520553
Goodreads: 7107838

Author(s):Publisher: Crown Business
Published: 10/20/2009

Bill Strickland has spend the past thirty years transforming the lives of thousands of people through Manchester Bidwell, the jobs training center and community arts program he founded in Pittsburgh.  Working with corporations, community leaders, and schools, he and his staff strive to give disadvantaged kids and adults the opportunities and tools they need to envision and build a better, brighter future.

In Make the Impossible Possible, Bill Strickland shows how each of us, by adopting the attitudes and beliefs he has lived by every day, can reach our fullest potential and achieve the impossible in our lives and careers--and perhaps change the world a little in the process. Through lessons from Strickland's own life experiences and those of countless others who have overcome challenging circumstances and turned their lives around, Make the Impossible Possible teaches us how to build on our passions and strengths, dream bigger and set the bar higher, achieve meaningful success, and inspire the lives of others.

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