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Start Here Now by Susan Piver

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Author: Susan Piver
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ISBN: 1611802679
ASIN: 1611802679
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Category: Spirituality
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In 2016, Seth recommended "Start Here Now" by Susan Piver and said...

A book I wish I'd read earlier in my career

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Seth also recommended the book again in 2019 and said:

Susan Piver to the rescue with Start Here Now

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4.1 rating based on 307 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1611802679
ISBN-13: 9781611802672
Goodreads: 25241892

Author(s):Publisher: Shambhala
Published: 9/15/2015

A concise, jargon-free guide to learning what Buddhist meditation is—and isn't—with advice on how to start a meditation practice.

If you want to meditate but have no idea where to begin, this book by best-selling author and Buddhist teacher Susan Piver will help you: it contains everything you need to know to start a meditation practice and, even more important, to continue one. It defines what meditation is (and what it is not); dispels the three most common misconceptions about it; advises ways around obstacles; addresses the most frequently asked questions; and shows how meditation can have positive impact on relationships, creativity, and difficult emotions. However, Piver presents meditation as something more than the self-help technique du jour—it is a path to love, joy, and courage. This book contains two self-paced programs to help you start here—now!

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