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Author: Seth Godin
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ISBN: 0743233387
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Category: Leadership
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In 2002, Seth recommended "Survival is not Enough" by Seth Godin and said...

In today’s world, betting on chaos is the safest bet of all.

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ISBN-10: 0743233387
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In Survival Is Not Enough, former Yahoo executive and author of Permission Marketing Seth Godin turns his attention to the predominant issue facing all business today: change. Godin takes the perspective of an evolutionary biologist, borrowing ideas from the likes of Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, and Matt Ridley to formulate his own prescription for business survival, a concept he calls "zooming," which he defines as "stretching your limits without threatening your foundation." The result is a wide-ranging and eclectic menu of useful ideas that just about anyone looking to enhance their career, job satisfaction, and their company's prospects would do well to consider. --Harry C. Edwards

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