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Author: Seth Godin
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ISBN: 0743233387
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Category: Leadership
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In 2002, Seth recommended "Survival is not Enough" by Seth Godin and said...

In today’s world, betting on chaos is the safest bet of all.

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ISBN-10: 0743233387
ISBN-13: 9780743233385
Goodreads: 160833

Author(s):Publisher: Free Press
Published: 12/3/2002

You can't embrace change any faster...can't make time for the synergy training workshop...can't deal with one more change management seminar. So stop changing. Evolve.
Evolution can be unleashed in your organization, effortlessly and gradually changing everything in its path. By teaching your company to "zoom" -- embrace change without pain -- you'll have a company that evolves and ultimately attracts people who drive it to evolve even faster.
In up or down markets, for companies in any industry, embrace the organic approach detailed in Survival Is Not Enough and you will always outperform the competition.
Here's practical advice on how to make the chaos we all must deal with an asset, not a threat.

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