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Author: Tal M. Klein
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ISBN: 1942645589
ASIN: 1942645589
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Category: Fiction
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In 2017, Seth recommended "The Punch Escrow" by Tal M. Klein and said...

Rollicking tech pop-culture thrill rides

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3.6 rating based on 5,854 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1942645589
ISBN-13: 9781942645580
Goodreads: 32446949

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It's the year 2147. Advancements in nanotechnology have enabled us to control aging. We've genetically engineered mosquitoes to feast on carbon fumes instead of blood, ending air pollution. And teleportation has become the ideal mode of transportation, offered exclusively by International Transport—a secretive firm headquartered in New York City. Their slogan: Departure... Arrival... Delight!

Joel Byram, our smartass protagonist, is an everyday twenty-second century guy. He spends his days training artificial intelligence engines to act more human, jamming out to 1980's new wave—an extremely obscure genre, and trying to salvage his deteriorating marriage. Joel is pretty much an everyday guy with everyday problems—until he's accidentally duplicated while teleporting.

Now Joel must outsmart the shadowy organization that controls teleportation, outrun the religious sect out to destroy it, and find a way to get back to the woman he loves in a world that now has two of him.

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