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What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly

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Author: Kevin Kelly
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ISBN: 0143120174
ASIN: 0143120174
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Category: Non-Fiction
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In 2013, Seth recommended "What Technology Wants" by Kevin Kelly and said...

Like everything Kevin writes, this will be obvious in twenty years. If being twenty years ahead of the curve, and understanding where we're going is important to you, don't hesitate.

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3.7 rating based on 7,044 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0143120174
ISBN-13: 9780143120179
Goodreads: 10651064

Author(s):Publisher: Penguin Books
Published: 9/27/2011

From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Inevitable-- a sweeping vision of technology as a living force that can expand our individual potential

In this provocative book, one of today's most respected thinkers turns the conversation about technology on its head by viewing technology as a natural system, an extension of biological evolution. By mapping the behavior of life, we paradoxically get a glimpse at where technology is headed-or what it wants. Kevin Kelly offers a dozen trajectories in the coming decades for this near-living system. And as we align ourselves with technology's agenda, we can capture its colossal potential. This visionary and optimistic book explores how technology gives our lives greater meaning and is a must-read for anyone curious about the future.

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