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Already Dead by Charlie Huston

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Author: Charlie Huston
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ISBN: 034547824X
ASIN: 034547824X
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Category: Fiction
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In 2010, Seth recommended "Already Dead" by Charlie Huston and said...

Charlie Huston used one of his books (no longer free) to get me hooked on the rest of the series. Get one free, buy three. Backwards but effective.

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3.8 rating based on 10,358 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 034547824X
ISBN-13: 9780345478245
Goodreads: 21277

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They live among us, slaves to the very condition that empowers them. They are the Vampyre, and their sole chance at survival lies in banding into Clans. Only Joe Pitt has gone his own way. The upside is freedom. The downside is there's nobody on his side when trouble comes around. Joe gets rough receptions from all the countless Clans shifting about on the island of Manhattan, but his current trouble is with the Coalition - the Clan that controls the city river to river, from 14th Street to 110th Street. To make things right, Joe takes on his most perilous case: The daughter of a prominent New York family is missing, and her Vampyre fascination makes Joe the ideal man for this high-stakes job.

With his ferocious style, Charlie Huston offers a thrilling new twist to one of our oldest myths.

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