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Author: Kyle Winey
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ISBN: 0692924485
ASIN: 0692924485
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Category: Non-Fiction
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In 2017, Seth recommended "HACKiversity" by Kyle Winey and said...

Before you go a quarter of a million dollars in debt, it's worth reading Hackiversity, a new book about re-examining what gets learned in college.

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ISBN-10: 0692924485
ISBN-13: 9780692924488
Goodreads: 36298635

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Despite the realities of today's college landscape, individuals around the globe remain disillusioned that attending college guarantees a good job, a stable lifestyle, and self-fulfillment. It does not. Without understanding how to properly navigate the college maze, incoming college students will share the same somber fate that awaited me and many of my friends, family, colleagues: (i) a crushing mortgaged-sized student loan debt, (ii) an educated but underemployed life, and (iii) an unenjoyable, disengaging job. To help students avoid the inevitable fallout of a poor college approach, or no college approach at all, this book rejects conventional wisdom and equips students with a devastatingly effective college toolkit designed for optimal efficiency. According to Sir Ken Robinson in his 2013 TED Talk, "The dominant culture of education has come to focus on not teaching and learning but testing." Yes, college is one big test. But because the college process is highly regimented and highly predictable, that means the college process can be learned, which means it can be taught, which means it can be mastered. This book will show students how to study 80% less and get better grades, save $1,000s in student loans, and earn $1,000,000+ more over a lifetime - all without working any harder. It is possible to work less and achieve more, even in college. In providing these insights, I've collected dozens of real-world testimonies from graduates who have previously (and recently) walked the college path, representing literally tens of millions of dollars in tuition and centuries worth of time. Ultimately, this book represents an account of every practical lesson I wish I had known on Day 1 of freshman year. I'm hopeful and confident that the content of this book can alter the course of your life. It would have mine.

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