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Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

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Author: Mitch Joel
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ISBN: 0446548227
ASIN: 0446548227
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Category: Marketing
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In 2011, Seth recommended "Six Pixels of Separation" by Mitch Joel and said...

Mitch Joel brings it home. Direct and clear advice about how new media changes your brand forever

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Seth also recommended the book again in 2009 and said:

Mitch Joel brings it home. Direct and clear advice about how new media changes your brand forever.

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ISBN-10: 0446548227
ISBN-13: 9780446548229
Goodreads: 8015081

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This is a great reference book for businesspeople who wonder how to use social media to grow their businesses, but don't have the time to hang around on those web sites and figure it out for themselves. (if you *do* have the time, Howell Marketing does a very good job on Twitter)

At a minimum, businesses need to be monitoring Twitter, Facebook, etc., to see what is being said about them and then to quickly respond to any negative criticism. But why stop there when, as Joel, a digital marketing expert, points out "the Web provides the ultimate focus group (and it's free)"?

He explains how web communities are built on trust and that the key is add value by sharing content (i.e. articles or retweets) so that you push the "conversation" forward. He says that no more than 25 percent of your content should be self- (or client) promotional, w/75 percent being helping others and building relationships.(Amy Howell, however, subscribes to a 10/90 ratio.) To learn more, read this book!


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