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The Art of the Idea by John Hunt

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Author: John Hunt
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ISBN: 1576875164
ASIN: 1576875164
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Category: Creativity
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In 2009, Seth recommended "The Art of the Idea" by John Hunt and said...

John takes you on a word/picture journey that might, just might, change the way you think about ideas. It worked on me.

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ISBN-10: 1576875164
ISBN-13: 9781576875162
Goodreads: 7005805

Author(s):Publisher: powerHouse Books
Published: 9/18/2009

“An original and beautiful book. It suggests that the surest way to liberate ourselves is through the power of our ideas.”
—Nelson Mandela Foundation

“This is not just one of those books that makes you think. It challenges you to think. It demands that you think, and to beware of all those obstacles that would stop you from
trusting your instincts and finding an idea.”
—Lee Clow, Global Director of Media Arts, TBWA\Chiat Day

As an award-winning playwright, author, and Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA, John Hunt has witnessed again and again the power of original thinking to transform both companies and individuals. In The Art of the Idea , Hunt addresses everyone from the global boardroom to the man on the street, bridging the gap with ease. Few can argue with Hunt’s claim that it is ideas that move the world forward, and he refreshingly articulates that anyone can play: there
is no hierarchy to original thinking.

The Art of the Idea provides a toolbox for achieving excellence and offers a new way of defining your world. By illustrating how to create space so ideas can breathe, it provides
a lifeline to those who find themselves stuck in a rut. Unassuming, original, and accessible, the publication includes insights by this leader in creative thinking, and is accompanied by 20 original paintings and collages by the internationally acclaimed South African artist Sam
Nhlengethwa. The Art of the Idea grants permission to trust our instincts, endure initial ridicule, and practice thinking as a team sport.

Whatever your idea is about ideas, this book will change it.

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