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The Big Moo by Seth Godin

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Author: Seth Godin
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ISBN: 1591841038
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Category: Culture
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In 2005, Seth recommended "The Big Moo" by Seth Godin and said...

All for charity. Includes original work from Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters and Promise Phelon.

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ISBN-10: 1591841038
ISBN-13: 9781591841036
Goodreads: 96600

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How do you create a big moo-an insight so astounding that people can't help but remark on it, like digital TV recording (TiVo) or overnight shipping (FedEx), or the world's best vacuum cleaner (Dyson)? Seth Godin worked with thirty-two of the world's smartest thinkers to answer this critical question. And the team-with the likes of Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki, Mark Cuban, Robyn Waters, Dave Balter, Red Maxwell, and Randall Rothenberg on board- created an incredibly useful book that's fun to read and perfect for groups to share, discuss, and apply. The Big Moo" is a simple book in the tradition of Fish" and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," Instead of lecturing you, it tells stories that stick to your ribs and light your fire. It will help you to create a culture that consistently delivers remarkable innovations.

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