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The Gift by Marcel Mauss

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Author: Marcel Mauss
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ISBN: 039332043X
ASIN: 039332043X
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Category: Non-Fiction
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In 2012, Seth recommended "The Gift" by Marcel Mauss and said...

Considered by many to be the breakthrough book on the economy of gifts. It's not a fun read, but stuff like this rarely is.

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ISBN-10: 039332043X
ISBN-13: 9780393320435
Goodreads: 349990

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A brilliant example of the comparative method,The Gift presents the first systematic study of the custom—widespread in primitive societies from ancient Rome to present-day Melanesia—of exchanging gifts. The gift is a perfect example of what Mauss calls a total social phenomenon, since it involves legal, economic, moral, religious, aesthetic, and other dimensions. He sees the gift exchange as related to individuals and groups as much as to the objects themselves, and his analysis calls into question the social conventions and economic systems that had been taken for granted for so many years. In a modern translation, introduced by distinguished anthropologist Mary Douglas, The Gift is essential reading for students of social anthropology and sociology.

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