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Too Big to Know by David Weinberger

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Author: David Weinberger
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ISBN: 0465085962
ASIN: 0465085962
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Category: Non-Fiction
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In 2012, Seth recommended "Too Big to Know" by David Weinberger and said...

A breathtaking review of what it means to be in a world that's powered by connection.

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ISBN-10: 0465085962
ISBN-13: 9780465085965
Goodreads: 17836508

Author(s):Publisher: Basic Books
Published: 1/7/2014

"If anyone knows anything about the web, where it's been and where it's going, it's David Weinberger. . . . Too Big To Know is an optimistic, if not somewhat cautionary tale, of the information explosion." -- Steven Rosenbaum, Forbes

With the advent of the Internet and the limitless information it contains, we're less sure about what we know, who knows what, or even what it means to know at all. And yet, human knowledge has recently grown in previously unimaginable ways and in inconceivable directions. In Too Big to Know, David Weinberger explains that, rather than a systemic collapse, the Internet era represents a fundamental change in the methods we have for understanding the world around us. With examples from history, politics, business, philosophy, and science, Too Big to Know describes how the very foundations of knowledge have been overturned, and what this revolution means for our future.

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