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Author: Mitch Joel
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ISBN: 1455523305
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Category: Innovation
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In 2013, Seth recommended "Ctrl Alt Delete" by Mitch Joel and said...

Mitch Joel is a generous and perceptive blogger. Well worth the daily read. He has a new book. You should buy it.

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ISBN-10: 1455523305
ISBN-13: 9781455523306
Goodreads: 15791158

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Just a few years ago, all you or your company needed was a modest website and a toll-free 800 number. Those days are, of course, long gone. Keeping your customers and clients happy - and trying to attract new ones - demands an entirely new and innovative approach to online commerce.

Mitch Joel, one of the world's leading experts in this area, warns that the time has come to hit the CTRL ALT DEL buttons on your computer, and to start building your e-commerce platform and business model from scratch. If you don't, Joel warns, not only will your company begin to slide backwards, but you might find yourself unemployable within five years.

That's a very strong warning, but in his new book, Joel explains the convergence of five key factors that are changing online business forever. He outlines what you need to know to adapt right now. He also points to the seven triggers that will help you take advantage of these game-changing factors.

Along the way, Joel introduces his novel concept of "squiggle" which explains how you can learn to adapt your personal approach to your career as new technology comes down the pike.

In short, this is not a book about "change management" but rather a book about "changing both you AND your business model."

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