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Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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ISBN: 0674061616
ASIN: 0674061616
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In 2018, Seth recommended "Full House" by Stephen Jay Gould and said...

Books worth reading. Full House, twenty years old, from Stephen Jay Gould, about variation, evolution and of course, Ted Williams.

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ISBN-10: 0674061616
ISBN-13: 9780674061613
Goodreads: 11295671

Author(s):Publisher: Belknap Press
Published: 10/1/2011

Gould shows why a more accurate way of understanding our world is to look at a given subject within its own context, to see it as a part of a spectrum of variation and then to reconceptualize trends as expansion or contraction of this "full house" of variation, and not as the progress or degeneration of an average value, or single thing.

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