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Honest Signals by Andy Pentland

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Author: Andy Pentland
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ISBN: 0262515121
ASIN: 0262515121
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Category: Psychology
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In 2012, Seth recommended "Honest Signals" by Andy Pentland and said...

Pentland is a professor at MIT, and this is ostensibly a book about some amazing technology he's putting together that quietly measures the interactions people have all day when they're not remembering that the system is watching. What it's actually about, though, is the incredible power of nonverbal communication and tribal hierarchies in the way we interact.

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ISBN-10: 0262515121
ISBN-13: 9780262515122
Goodreads: 8456242

Author(s):Publisher: MIT Press
Published: 9/24/2010

How understanding the signaling within social networks can change the way we make decisions, work with others, and manage organizations.How can you know when someone is bluffing? Paying attention? Genuinely interested? The answer, writes Alex Pentland in Honest Signals, is that subtle patterns in how we interact with other people reveal our attitudes toward them. These unconscious social signals are not just a back channel or a complement to our conscious language; they form a separate communication network. Biologically based "honest signaling," evolved from ancient primate signaling mechanisms, offers an unmatched window into our intentions, goals, and values. If we understand this ancient channel of communication, Pentland claims, we can accurately predict the outcomes of situations ranging from job interviews to first dates.

Pentland, an MIT professor, has used a specially designed digital sensor worn like an ID badge--a "sociometer"--to monitor and analyze the back-and-forth patterns of signaling among groups of people. He and his researchers found that this second channel of communication, revolving not around words but around social relations, profoundly influences major decisions in our lives--even though we are largely unaware of it. Pentland presents the scientific background necessary for understanding this form of communication, applies it to examples of group behavior in real organizations, and shows how by "reading" our social networks we can become more successful at pitching an idea, getting a job, or closing a deal. Using this "network intelligence" theory of social signaling, Pentland describes how we can harness the intelligence of our social network to become better managers, workers, and communicators.

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