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Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff

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Author: Douglas Rushkoff
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ISBN: 0812978501
ASIN: 0812978501
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In 2012, Seth recommended "Life Inc." by Douglas Rushkoff and said...

Doug is at the cutting edge of recognizing the collision between corporate values and human values. Most of this book is fairly pessimistic, and it argues that money has pushed people apart from each other. Harking back to The Gift, his point is that barter and community exchange do more than create commerce.

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3.9 rating based on 1,161 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0812978501
ISBN-13: 9780812978506
Goodreads: 8861663

Author(s):Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Published: 1/4/2011

Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create”

In Life Inc, award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from being convenient legal fictions to being the dominant fact of contemporary life. The resulting ideology, corporatism, has infiltrated all aspects of civics, commerce, and culture—from the founding of the first chartered monopoly to the branding of the self, from the invention of central currency to the privatization of banking, from the Victorian Great Exhibition to the solipsism of Facebook. Life Inc explains why we see our homes as investments rather than places to live, our 401(k) plans as the ultimate measure of success, and the Internet as just another place to do business. Most important, Rushkoff illuminates both how we’ve become disconnected from our world and how we can reconnect to our towns, to the value we can create, and, mostly, to one another. As the speculative economy collapses under its own weight, Life Inc shows us how to build a real and human-scaled society to take its place.

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