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Schooling in Capitalist America by Samuel Bowles

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Author: Samuel Bowles
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ISBN: 0465097189
ASIN: 0465097189
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Category: Economics
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In 2012, Seth recommended "Schooling in Capitalist America" by Samuel Bowles and said...

Thirty years old and loaded with accurate predictions about the future (and facts about our past).

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ISBN-10: 0465097189
ISBN-13: 9780465097180
Goodreads: 629941

Author(s):Publisher: Basic Books
Published: 5/15/1977

"This seminal work . . . establishes a persuasive new paradigm."Contemporary SociologyNo book since Schooling in Capitalist America has taken on the systemic forces hard at work undermining our education system. This classic reprint is an invaluable resource for radical educators.Samuel Bowles is research professor and director of the behavioral sciences program at the Santa Fe Institute, and professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts.Herbert Gintis is an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute and emeritus professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts.

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