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Author: David Deutsch
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ISBN: 9780143121350
ASIN: 0143121359
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Category: Spirituality
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In 2019, Seth recommended "The Beginning of Infinity" by David Deutsch and said...

All problems have solutions.

That’s what makes them problems.

If there is no solution, then it’s not a problem.

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ISBN-10: 0143121359
ISBN-13: 9780143121350
Goodreads: 13127888

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The New York Times bestseller: A provocative, imaginative exploration of the nature and progress of knowledge"Dazzling." - Steven Pinker, The Guardian

In this groundbreaking book, award-winning physicist David Deutsch argues that explanations have a fundamental place in the universe--and that improving them is the basic regulating principle of all successful human endeavor. Taking us on a journey through every fundamental field of science, as well as the history of civilization, art, moral values, and the theory of political institutions, Deutsch tracks how we form new explanations and drop bad ones, explaining the conditions under which progress--which he argues is potentially boundless--can and cannot happen. Hugely ambitious and highly original, The Beginning of Infinity explores and establishes deep connections between the laws of nature, the human condition, knowledge, and the possibility for progress.

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