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The Excellence Dividend

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Author: Tom Peters
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ISBN: 0525434623
ASIN: 0525434623
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Category: Culture
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In 2018, Seth recommended "The Excellence Dividend" by Tom Peters and said...

Books worth reading. The Excellence Dividend is classic Tom on every page.

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ISBN-10: 0525434623
ISBN-13: 9780525434627
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"Tom Peters' new book is a bundle of beautiful dynamite. While I've been a CEO for 30 years, I still learned much worth knowing from The Excellence Dividend. You will too."
--John C. Bogle, founder, Vanguard

For decades Tom Peters has been preaching the gospel of putting people first, and in today's rapidly changing business environment, this message is more important than ever. With his unparalleled expertise and inimitable charisma, Peters offers brilliantly simple, actionable guidelines for success that any business leader can immediately implement. He provides a roadmap for your organization and for you as an individual to thrive amidst the tech tsunami, and he has a lot of fun doing it. The Excellence Dividend is an important new book from one of today's greatest business thinkers.

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