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The Little Big Things by Thomas J. Peters

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Author: Thomas J. Peters
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ISBN: 0061894109
ASIN: 0061894109
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Category: Entrepreneurship
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In 2010, Seth recommended "The Little Big Things" by Thomas J. Peters and said...

And what a great title! Tom is a daily habit for me, and has been for twenty-five (gasp!) years. This is the guy who invented all of it. His latest is a whirlwind tour of some of his biggest and best.

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3.9 rating based on 1,105 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0061894109
ISBN-13: 9780061894107
Goodreads: 12176192

Author(s):Publisher: HarperBusiness
Published: 1/24/2012

"It is [Tom] Peters—as consultant, writer, columnist, seminar lecturer, and stage performer—whose energy, style, influence, and ideas have [most] shaped new management thinking.” —Movers and Shakers: The 100 Most Influential Figures in Modern Business

“We live in a Tom Peters world.” —Fortune Magazine

Business uber-guru Tom Peters is back with his first book in a decade, The Little Big Things. In this age of economic recession and financial uncertainty, the patented Peters approach to business and management—no-nonsense, witty, down-to-earth, insightful—is more pertinent now than ever. As essential for small-business owners as it is for the heads of major corporations, The Little Big Things is a rousing call-to-arms to American business to get “back to the basics” of running a successful enterprise.

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