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Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens

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Author: Mark Stevens
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ISBN: 0615823335
ASIN: 0615823335
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Category: Marketing
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In 2014, Seth recommended "Your Marketing Sucks" by Mark Stevens and said...

Your marketing may suck, but this book doesn't. Every single page has a story, an example, or a concept you'll find yourseld repeating to colleagues within days. Powerful stuff, not for amateurs or anyone too lazy to succeed

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ISBN-10: 0615823335
ISBN-13: 9780615823331
Goodreads: 20307370

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Stop throwing thousand-dollar bills out the window and camouflaging spending as marketing! Your Marketing Sucks cuts through the myths that claim marketing is about advertising, public relations, or direct mail. You should stop all marketing until you know how each component of your program justifies itself in dollars and cents and fire your advertising agency if it even thinks about applying for a Clio or other creative award. Learn how marketing it is about growing the revenue, profit, and valuation of the business with this bestseller. After reading Your Marketing Sucks, you'll demand that the money spent on marketing bring in more money in return.

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