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High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service by Micah Solomon

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Author: Micah Solomon
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ISBN: 0814417906
ASIN: 0814417906
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Category: Marketing
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In 2012, Seth recommended "High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service" by Micah Solomon and said...

It's hard to imagine an organization with front line employees that won't benefit from the ideas in this book.

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ISBN-10: 0814417906
ISBN-13: 9780814417904
Goodreads: 13794277

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In an age of Twitter, smartphones, and self-service kiosks, high-tech but still high-touch customer service is the answer.

Today’s customers are a hard bunch to crack. Time-strapped, screen-addicted, value-savvy, and socially engaged, their expectations are tougher than ever for a business to keep up with. They are empowered like never before and expect businesses to respect that sense of empowerment—lashing out at those that don’t.

Take heart: Old-fashioned customer service, fully retooled for today’s blistering pace and digitally connected reality, is what you need to build the kind loyal customer base that allows you to survive—and thrive. And High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service spells out surefire strategies for success in a clear, entertaining, and practical way. Discover:

• Six major customer trends and what they mean for your business

• Eight unbreakable rules for social media customer service

• How to effectively address online complainers and saboteurs on Yelp, Twitter, TripAdvisor, and other forums for user generated content

• The rising power of self-service—and how to design it properly

• How to build a company culture that breeds stellar customer service

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service reveals inside secrets of wildly successful customer service initiatives, from Internet startups to venerable brands, and shows how companies of every stripe can turn casual customers into fervent supporters who will spread the word far and wide—online and off.

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