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Small Is The New Big by Seth Godin

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Author: Seth Godin
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ISBN: 0141030534
ASIN: 0141030534
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Category: Entrepreneurship
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In 2006, Seth recommended "Small Is The New Big" by Seth Godin and said...

long book filled with short pieces from Fast Company and the blog. Guaranteed to make you think.

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ISBN-10: 0141030534
ISBN-13: 9780141030531
Goodreads: 1457564

Author(s):Publisher: Penguin
Published: 6/28/2007

As one of today's most influential business thinkers, Seth Godin has now collected the most provocative short pieces from his pioneering blog. This book also includes his most popular columns from Fast Company magazine and several of the short e-books he has written in the last few years.

Includes:Clinging to Your Job Title?The Persistence of Really Bad IdeasThe Seduction of 'Good Enough'Judging a Book by its CoverDo Less

Small is the New Big is packed with inspiring ideas: as Godin says in his introduction, 'I'm certain that you're smart enough to see the stuff you've always wanted to do buried deep inside one of these riffs. And I'm betting that once inspired, you'll actually make something happen.'

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